Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tzum, Friesland

Yes, carrying a 4x5 camera on my bicycle is worth it!

(Maybe a little annoying and excessive, but hey, you can see the rooster on top of the tower!)


Google street view from the cycle path... I took the photo around 8am, standing next to the fence up on the left.

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  1. Ready to fill a side of a white cube, I think !

  2. I consider it well worth the inconvenience for you to haul around that camera, so that I could sit and drool over that photograph :D

    Thank you! (seriously)

  3. Do you by chance have a larger version of the scan? :)

    1. I do... and I have a print of the bicycle
      parking area for you- just need an address!

      And I've chosen for the trade if you are still up for it. This one is very nice:
      Or this one:


    2. Ooooh! Goodies! If you can't choose, I could send you both prints :) Do you have a preferred size for the print(s)?

      I think I have your email address, I'll send my address there :)

  4. Picturesque!
    Did you use a filter to take a photo against the sunlight?
    The surface looks rippled as though it had been raining, but I see no rain. Nice effect.
    And you've delivered proof that that place really exists, I appreciate that.
    I wonder if Google Streetview were using bakfiets in Holland, that's a narrow road.