Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas tree in the bike lane

You know Christmas is over when people start dumping their 'used' trees into the bike lane.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Santa Barbara Open Streets

Santa Barbara had an Open Streets event on Nov. 2nd!
We volunteered at an intersection to inform traffic about the closure. The route was 2.5 miles along the beach, very pretty with the standard gorgeous weather.

Santa Barbara Open Streets


After that, I cycled around to take some photos. Here's the link to a proper flickr set.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Princess pink bejeweled handlebar cup holder

I saw two of these today... So California!
Here are Tibetan prayer flags and a princess pink bejeweled cup holder on a bicycle handlebar.

Oh, and if you prefer a Coconut, tiki themed or leopard print cupholder, here you go.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New cycling partner in training

My puppy, Barnaby, is over 8 months old now and very solid 52 lbs / 23 kg... time to start training!

He'll probably gain a bit more and fill out, but not get much taller. Until he's full grown, we'll take it very slowly. Fortunately, he's a mellow, nice pup who doesn't get overexcited when passing other dogs and people so I think this will work out well.

The first step is to walk with him and the bicycle together.

We've had a few successful walks so far. He managed to keep going without stopping and sniffing for a whole block!!! (1/10 of a mile = almost 1/5 of a km). He barely notices the bicycle at all. His speed is inconsistent but I think I'm a bit inconsistent too. It's hard to wheel a bicycle around and grip a leash with a 50+ lb pitbull in tow.

We'll do a few more walks before I start pedaling... I think my Brompton is the best bike for this task because the low frame is easier to step through and mount, or dismount.

I'll post photos when we have third partner available, unless I can train Barnaby to take photos too. :) 

Meanwhile, here's a great resource for all manner of dog/bicycle travel.

UPDATE - I pedaled with him around the block. He loved it! I've been going to slow for him with the walking, the jogging... cycling is much more fun!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bicycles at the beach

Yesterday, we went for a little daytrip to Carpinteria, it's about 14 miles / 22k from our home. We brought the dog, planning to visit a brewery and walk along the cliffs, so no bicycles.  :(

But then we found that the brewery AND cliffs are bicycle friendly!

Time to get a trailer!!

Parked at the bike rack by the Island Brewing Company tasting room- Powered by Coffee and Chocolate (and beer). 
Powered by Coffee and Chocolate
We asked the cyclist about his broom... it was a long story, but in the end he wanted to buy a broom and so he taped it to his bicycle for the journey back to his RV.
Broom shopping (+ electrical tape)
Some people taking in the view after riding on a sandy path.
Beach bicycle view
We walked past this man parking his bicycle near some trees. When he turned, we noticed his little dog in a bag across his chest! How cool is that dog?
Cycling with your dog to the beach
Here are two children were trying to carry their bicycle down the cliff to the beach.
Helping your sister carry a bike to the beach
And of course, there was Mr. California on the walk back.

Surfboards and bikes

Can it get more California than this?

Carpinteria, California

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Secure parking...

Someone took the time and effort to remove their front wheel and seat post, to securely lock them along with the frame and back wheel to a street pole. I noticed it because most people aren't that careful.

Bike parking on Bath

On closer inspection, the cable in use is so flimsy I could probably bite through it, and the padlock is easily breakable.

Flimsy stupid lock
On an even closer inspection, it's clear that the cable doesn't wrap the back wheel or the frame.

Therefore, a thief might:
1) Bite the cable or bash the lock (preference), and then reassemble the bike in a few seconds.
2) Steal just the back wheel.
3) Bend the front wheel into a shape that pops through the frame and have a bike missing only a front wheel and seat post.

I'd never have noticed if the bicycle were locked without the effort at "extra safety."

Still paranoid after all these years

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Engagement bicycle

Who wants a diamond when you can get an awesome new bike!?

I have a new bicycle, an engagement bicycle!

It's beautiful.

Engagement bike

It is a SOMA ES steel frame with the carbon fork, built up with a mountain groupset at my request. I am not a fast rider, so the ratio of 42/28 in front, with a 11-34 cassette is more than enough to speed up to 35kph on flats (if I want to do that), and to succeed in climbing any hill I encounter. The wheelbase is shorter than my touring bike (987mm vs 1048mm)... and it weighs almost 6kg less. It's a bicycle for riding around the area in a sportier manner than my usual plodding along.

Cranky's in SB did the build, advised on all parts and recommended the awesome shallow handlebars and nice grip tape. They also helped me find the perfect front rack... because immediately after having a lighter bicycle, I tried to weigh it down. :)

One of my goals was to be able to carry my "nice" camera (a classic SLR in weight and bulk) around and take photos without dismounting. For that, it must be carried on the front. The solution: a Wald platform rack with a lip, partially suspended by the handlebars for my existing bag. Perfect!

Basket / rack

 (The rack came with a separate attachable basket that is now serving as a dog treat container in my kitchen.)

 I've barely ridden it so a review is silly, but I can say a few things that I noticed so far!

Size matters.

It really does.

I thought it did not, that I could adjust down or up a frame that was "close enough."
Now that I have a bike that really fits-
Wow. Just wow.

It's so stable, I barely notice if I'm going "too fast" because the bike doesn't shimmy or worry at all. It's made me wonder if my whole fear of speed was due to being on a bike that's too big...  and it's so comfortable and I can ride forever without getting as tired. Or so it seems so far.

Also, Cranky's recommended some awesome tires! They are Panaracer RibMo, 28's at 100 psi. I love them! They feel really good in a hard-to-articulate way. Good and cool, like them, I do.

Finally, I think I might have enough bicycles.


But do I? 

Anniversary tandem? :)